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Services that grow your Digital Footprint (and don’t break the Bank)

Social Media Marketing

Communicate with those most interested in what you have to say, in real time! Creating a social media presence shows that your company is legitimate and helps create deeper, engaged relationships with customers (and gives you the opportunity to find new ones).

Paid Digital

Be it Google, Bing, or social media ads, target and reach potential customers and use internet browsing data to present your past website visitors with relevant information that will bring them back to your site to browse, purchase, download and more.

SEO & Content Strategy

Increase your visibility and search engine results with a solid SEO strategy. We make sure that your website can be indexed and shows up in search results, and that you get relevant organic visitors through content, technical and onsite optimization.

Digital Strategy

We create and/or refresh digital marketing strategies for businesses across industries. A collaborative process where we work to fully understand your business objectives, you walk away with a comprehensive, data-backed plan that identifies the tactics needed to get the results you want.

Brand Development

We work collaboratively to help you communicate what makes your brand unique. From the development of brand strategy to the visual identity and brand voice, you’ll have a cohesive and comprehensive brand that truly stands apart from the competition.

Website Design

We create fully optimized, responsive and functional websites on Shopify, Squarespace and WordPress. We also ensure that your landing pages are well designed for the best possible outcomes for your business.

Talks and Trainings

We offer digital marketing, SEO and social media trainings to organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a one-off training or talk or ongoing courses, our founder is a PhD and teacher and our team has put together several comprehensive trainings for universities, accelerators and leading brands worldwide.

We’ve worked with awesome Companies + Brands

A Unique, Refreshing and Helping Blend of Freelance and Agency

Our founder Khaleelah Jones has 10 years’ of digital marketing expertise. After working for big startups including Living Social, Institute of Integrative Nutrition and WellTok, she went freelance, working with over 30 companies over five years.

She’s seen it all, from both sides: she knows what it’s like to be a busy head of marketing with a small team looking for help from an agency that has high overheads, a big clunky team, bureaucracy that moves too slowly to keep up with internal strategy and long turn around times.

She also knows what it’s like to be a freelancer in a highly competitive industry, and has seen lots of “experts” and “gurus” who offer shallow strategies and don’t really understand the business drivers of their clients’ businesses.

Khaleelah offers strategic support for every client that works with CFD, and hands on execution of her strategies (which she oversees) to a group of hand-picked freelancers she’s worked with for years.
In so doing, overheads are low, results are high and clients are happy.

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