5 Tips on Design for Non-Designers

5 Tips on Design for Non-Designers

According to research, our eyes are responsible for over 80% of the information we receive through our senses. Your design is the first thing your prospects will see, and it will play a major role on the first impression they’ll have of your business. If this impression is good, they will seek out more from […]
Why You Need an SEO Strategy in 2020

Why you Need an SEO Strategy in 2020

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization for those of you wondering, is the process of analyzing and improving a website in order to increase rankings on search engine results pages. When a user searches for something on Google, those pages that come up on the first page as the most relevant and best results, the ones […]
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Turning a New Page

I started this blog six years ago to share my travels with family and friends. It grew from a place where I shared my impressions about the people, places, thoughts and things I encountered to a really cool way to experience the world. It gave me freedom and creativity to plan and go on the […]

Isle of Skye Photo Diary

Going to Scotland in November probably seems insane, particularly the north of the country. It’s fairly remote, accessed by a 3-hour drive on SINGLE TRACK roads from Inverness airport. But it was actually perfect. We rented a cottage, went for long walks, togged up in the pub and accepted that rainy conditions may knock out […]